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Tego care 450 is a non-ionic, PEG-free emulsifier based on natural, renewable raw materials. It belongs to the group of so-called lipid emulsifiers. The HLB value of these emulsifiers is lower in comparison to ethoxylated emulsifiers.

Drug-in-Cyclodextrin-in-Elastic Liposomes (DCEL) System Enhances Transdermal Delivery of Caffeic Acid (CA)

Researchers have prepared a DCEL system, which combines the advantages of CD and EL to improve the skin permeability of CA. Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) as a hydrophilic CD and elastic liposomes (EL) contained polyethylene glycol-free Tego care 450 as an edge activator. The particle size of elastic liposomes (EL and CD-EL) was smaller than that of conventional liposomes (CL and CD-CL). This could be lead to increased flexibility and decreased surface tension of elastic vesicles caused by the use of Tego care 450 as an edge activator. Moreover, the presence of an edge activator in liposomes disrupted the packing characteristics of phospholipids in the liposome bilayer, which led to increased membrane deformability. In vitro release studies demonstrated that CD-EL provided more sustained CA release profiles than those obtained with the free CA solution. Similarly, the permeation ability of CD-EL was greater than that of other liposomal preparations. Such enhancement could be due to the small particle size, high deformability, and increased entrapment efficiency of CD-EL. Therefore, the research suggests that elastic liposomes containing the HP-β-CD complex (DCEL system) have the potential to become a promising transdermal delivery system for the delivery of pharmacologically active compounds including CA.

Transmission electron microscopy images of different liposomes containing CA and the CA-HP-β-CD complex; (a) CL, (b) EL, (c) CD-CL, and (d) CD-EL.Fig.1 Transmission electron microscopy images of different liposomes containing CA and the CA-HP-β-CD complex; (a) CL, (b) EL, (c) CD-CL, and (d) CD-EL. (Im, 2016)

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