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Assay Development

Creative Biolabs is long-term devoted to the development of mRNA stability tests. Along with over a decade of extensive experience in providing mRNA stability tests, our scientists have established custom assay development solutions for our customers all over the world. Our high-quality assay development services will greatly contribute to the success of your projects.

Assay Development Service at Creative Biolabs

Modulation of mRNA stability provides a powerful tool for controlling gene expression during the physiological transitions and regulatory processes. Generally, Creative Biolabs can use actinomycin D-based methods for monitoring changes in the steady-state level of mRNA. Alternatively, we can also perform some alternative strategies for direct determinations of the mRNA decay rate, including kinetic labeling techniques and use of promoter subject to transient induction or repression, such as c-fos serum-inducible promoter system and Tet-off regulatory promoter system. However, these methods may be technically demanding and time-consuming and often introduce important changes to the cell physiology.

Fig.1 Cis-acting elements and trans-acting factors governing mRNA half-life.

Therefore, based on our advanced technology platforms and extensive experience, Creative Biolabs can develop the custom strategy that overcomes the potential limitations of the current mRNA stability test methods and systems. To aid in the analysis of mRNA stability test experiments, we could consider the key characteristics of high-quality analysis of mRNA stability to address the best-fit mRNA stability assay for your specific mRNA drugs. As a pioneer and undisputed global leader in the field of mRNA stability test, Creative Biolabs is professional in applying advanced strategies to satisfy various project demands. Our scientists are confident in designing the best-fit assay for your project in a high-quality manner.

Features of Our Assay Development Service

  • The scientific group with extensive experience in dealing with the suitable assay development
  • Flexible assay development to ensure the mRNA stability for different applications
  • Advanced technical platform
  • Fully customizable design to meet every specific demand
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Reliable lab report with timely update
  • Affordable price with the best quality

As a leading custom service provider in the field of mRNA services, Creative Biolabs has accomplished numerous challenging mRNA stability test projects for our customers all over the world. We can provide custom assay development for our customers to meet the specific requirements. We also provide various other services related to mRNA development. If you are interested in learning more about custom development of mRNA stability test, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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