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IVTScrip™ mRNA Transcript

In vitro transcription (IVT) mRNA for synthesizing the encoded therapeutic protein in vivo promotes the manufacturing of pure mRNA products. IVT provides a convenient and cost-effective method for producing long RNAs. Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider in custom mRNA synthesis for research and clinical applications. We provide tailored IVT mRNA synthesis with different lengths and excellent purity, as well as biological activity to support your project requirements.

In Vitro Transcription (IVT)

IVT is a versatile method to produce mRNA in vitro that uses an RNA polymerase (usually phage-derived T7, T3 or SP6 RNA polymerase), ribonucleotides and appropriate buffer conditions to synthesize RNA from a DNA template. It allows the researcher to tailor synthesis and introduce modifications to produce a transcript. Compared with the chemical synthesis, plasmid-based template by IVT up to thousands of bases is highly feasible. In addition, as a promising alternative to viral vectors, IVT mRNA encoding desired proteins can be exogenously delivered into cells, which does not integrate into the host genome and therefore, the risk of mutation and tumor development is minimized. Based on our advanced IVTScrip™ platform, we can produce diversified industrial-grade mRNA products, including growth factors mRNA, cytokine mRNA, genome editing mRNA, and reporter gene mRNA.

In vitro transcription of mRNA. Fig.1 In vitro transcription of mRNA. (Devoldere, 2016)

  • Growth Factors mRNA
  • Growth factors are soluble, secreted signaling polypeptides capable of regulating a variety of cellular processes, such as cell survival, control over migration, differentiation, or proliferation. The common types include epidermal growth factor (EGF), nerve growth factor (NGF), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor α (TGFα), transforming growth factor β (TGF-β), tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and so on.

  • Cytokine mRNA
  • Cytokines are small secreted proteins released by cells that mediate and regulate immunity, inflammation and hematopoiesis. Cytokines include Interleukins, Lymphokines, Monokines, Interferons (IFN), colony-stimulating factors (CSF), Chemokines and a variety of other proteins.

  • Genome Editing mRNA
  • Compared with the traditional plasmids and viral vectors used in genome editing, mRNA is becoming a powerful tool. Genome editing mRNAs include Cas9 mRNA, Cas9 Nickase, Cre recombinase, and Cas12a mRNA.

  • Reporter Gene mRNA
  • Reporter mRNAs, such as EGFP, RFP, Luc, mCherry, are commonly used in cell biology research for tracking transfection and expression efficiency.

All of our IVT mRNAs are stabilized at the 5' end by modified nucleotides capping and a poly(A) tail at the 3' end and are optimized to yield improved stability and performance. We also offer unmodified mRNAs to meet specific demands. IVT RNA transcripts can be also used for studying cellular RNA functionality in processes such as splicing, RNA processing, intracellular transport, viral infectivity and translation. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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