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At Creative Biolabs, we strive to bring new ideas and solutions to our technologies and products. Our scientific experts can provide comprehensive and reliable solutions to help our customers excel in their research. We believe when curious, courageous, and collaborative people like you are brought together, we can make a huge difference in the development of innovative medicines.

Strategy and Sales Manager, mRNA Therapeutics

New York, United States   Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Creative Biolabs is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Strategy and Sales Manager to strengthen our preclinical mRNA therapeutics efforts. This position serves as the primary point of contact for our external customers. The focus of this position is to provide comprehensive custom consulting services, acquire new clients, and maintain overall relationships for acquired clients. In addition, this position is required to work with lab leadership to continuously update offerings and develop a sales strategy to drive growth for the mRNA therapeutics businesses.

Project Manager, RNA-Drug Discovery

New York, United States   Frankfurt am Main, German

The project manager is required to provide operational and project management support in the company and during external partnering events. This position plays an important role in the full lifecycle of mRNA therapeutics development from researching, creating new opportunities and building relationships with current/potential clients and strategic partners, providing them with effective solutions, supervising progress project, and managing records and data documents.

Platform Technical Lead, mRNA Therapeutics

New York, United States

This position requires rich experience in mRNA therapeutics development, including familiarity with most of mRNA techniques and experience in mRNA related project design and team and laboratory management. The candidate will help Creative Biolabs expand the preclinical mRNA therapeutics contract research services, which requires excellent communication, collaboration, strategic thinking, decision-making, negotiation, and influencing skills, the ability to solve complex problems and manage complex projects.

Senior Scientist, mRNA Therapeutics

New York, United States

This position is mainly responsible for laboratory R&D works and mRNA contract research projects. The candidate must have strong expertise in the application of mRNA therapeutics/vaccine-related technologies. The position requires the incumbent to plan and prepare for experimental studies, maintain detailed records of daily work, and effectively communicate with the research group.

Research Associate, mRNA Therapeutics

New York, United States

A research associate position is available in Creative Biolabs, a biotechnology company based in Long Island in New York State.
We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic individual.

Lab Manager, mRNA Therapeutics

New York, United States

We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic candidate for the position of lab manager in the antibody field. The successful individual will be responsible for managing and developing lab staff to ensure the effective operation of the antibody lab, devising, and implementing strategies to resolve process improvement issues, and collaborating with other operators to assure efficient and accurate sample handling that meets client needs.

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