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mRNA Services

Over several years, Creative Biolabs has been a world leader in the discovery and production of mRNA reagents for research and drug development. With dedicated scientists and advanced knowledge of mRNA, Creative Biolabs focuses on advancing mRNA technology to solve challenges that are unique to mRNA drug development, including mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation and delivery, bioinformatics and protein engineering.


mRNA (messenger RNA), a single-stranded molecule, is the genetic coding templates used by the translational machinery. mRNA leaves the cell nucleus and moves to the cytoplasm where the translation machinery makes proteins bind to these mRNA molecules and read the code on the mRNA to make a specific protein. Differential expression analysis of different cellular mRNAs allows scientists to screen out genes that play a key role in different life processes. The analysis of mRNA is also used to open up a wide range of opportunities for treating and preventing diseases. Recent RNA technology has led to surging interest in the use of mRNA as therapy, vaccine, and gene editing components such as Cas9, transposons, and other nucleases. The advantages of using mRNA in a treatment approach are cost-effective in vitro production and ‎its easy scalability. mRNA medicines are not small molecules like traditional pharmaceuticals, and mRNA is the genesis of the biotech industry.

Production and systemic delivery of IVT-mRNA. Fig.1 Production and systemic delivery of IVT-mRNA.

mRNA Services at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs provides the highest quality products and excellent services to support our customers' different requirements in the research, clinical, and drug development. We provide complete, innovative solutions and a comprehensive portfolio of mRNA services to help you solve the problems during your research.

Custom mRNA Synthesis

For different lengths fragments of mRNA, Creative Biolabs provides services for the synthesis of custom-designed, highly modified mRNAs using both chemical synthesis and efficient IVT methodology. Simply providing us with the desired sequence of DNA template and we will synthesize high-quality synthetic mRNA and provide QC of mRNA products.

Custom mRNA Modification

Creative Biolabs provides a wide variety of mRNA modification services such as mRNA 5' capping, 3' end of poly(A), and nucleotides modification with a dedication to advancing your programs. Our modification services of mRNA provide high-quality mRNA which is translated more efficiently and results in higher levels of protein expression in certain translational systems.

Custom Delivery Vehicle for mRNA

Depending on its length, mRNA requires the best-fit delivery vehicle to facilitate cellular uptake and release into the cytoplasm. Creative Biolabs offers a series of delivery vehicles for options, including but not limited to lipid-based vectors, polymer-based vectors, and hybrid vectors.

Custom mRNA-based Cell Reprogramming Service

Creative Biolabs has years’ experience in mRNA-based cell reprogramming and will offer you the best advice and support to help advance your programs. We can design proper mRNA-based cell reprogramming, including T cell reprogramming, dendritic cell reprogramming, natural killer cell reprogramming, B cell reprogramming, iPS cell reprogramming.

Custom mRNA Stability Test Service

mRNA stability can have a profound impact on gene expression and, ultimately, on cellular phenotype which leads to speculation on potential novel therapeutic applications. To assess mRNA stability, direct measurements of mRNAs can be performed in a number of ways at Creative Biolabs, such as actinomycin D-based method, c-fos serum-inducible promoter system, tet-off regulatory promoter system and even specific assay development.

One-stop mRNA Therapeutics Development

With the well-established technology, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to offering one-stop mRNA therapeutics development services to meet your development goal in a time-saving manner. Our one-stop services include mRNA for immunotherapy, genetic diseases, protein replacement therapy, regenerative medicine, therapeutic antibody-coding mRNA, mRNA pharmacology optimization, and mRNA vaccines development.


Creative Biolabs also provides other various services regarding mRNA development to greatly contribute to the success of your projects, such as in silico mRNA structure prediction, RNA-protein interactions analysis, and mRNA-based assays.

Creative Biolabs is set out to create a variety of mRNA services to meet the broad potential applications of mRNA. With our decades of experience in mRNA development, we can design and manufacture the best suitable mRNA for different applications to meet our customers' requirements. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly send us an online inquiry.

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