Custom IVT Synthesis of mRNA

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Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider in custom mRNA synthesis for research and clinical applications. Scientists at Creative Biolabs have over 10 years of experience in mRNA synthesis and modifications, which enables us to provide tailored in vitro transcription (IVT) mRNA synthesis with excellent purity and biological activity to support your project requirements.

With the development of IVT methods, synthetic mRNA has become an emerging class of gene therapy. IVT mRNA has several advantages, such as the mRNA does not require nuclear localization to mediate protein translation. The intracellular process for protein expression is much simpler, and the level of protein expression is far enhanced. IVT mRNA can be produced in large-scale amounts in GMP quality, allowing the clinical application of mRNA-based therapies. Due to its safety and high efficiency, IVT mRNA is an especially attractive gene expression system for applications in regenerative medicine, vaccination, cell engineering, and protein replacement therapy.

PPreparation of synthetic mRNA by IVT.Fig.1 Preparation of synthetic mRNA by IVT.

Our IVT Synthesis Service

By sending us the DNA plasmid or the gene sequence, Creative Biolabs can synthesize a high-quality mRNA depending on the customers' experimental purposes. IVT RNA synthesis requires DNA template, enzymes, nucleotides, and buffer components. With the experience of the IVT system, Creative Biolabs can offer optimization of each reaction component and several internal epigenetic modifications to obtain high-yield synthesized IVT mRNA for our customers, including but not limited to:

  • Various grades and types of templates design (plasmid DNA, PCR products and synthetic oligonucleotides)
  • Selection of the best-fit promoter system (such as T7)
  • Codon optimization
  • Optimization of 5'-UTR and 3'-UTR
  • Optimization of poly(A) length and 5’ capping

Aiming for protein expression or translation process through synthesized mRNA, all these options are important for improved stability and translation efficiency. Moreover, we can also offer the modification of mRNA after synthesis to achieve the specific requirements of our customers. To obtain a pristine IVT mRNA, we also offer the large-scale purification step (using PAGE or RP-HPLC methods) to remove the residual molecules, such as unreacted nucleotides, short oligonucleotide, enzyme proteins, and residual salts. These methods remove most of the unwanted byproducts and provide high-quality IVT mRNAs. Our IVT synthesis strategy is very suitable for particularly long mRNAs (such as those up to multiple kilobases), and our experts can design custom strategies to optimize yield even for the most complicated custom mRNA production requirements.

Advantages of Our Service

  • Customized mRNA from 1000 to several thousands of bases
  • Flexible choice of approaches depending on the use of mRNA
  • Numerous strategies for capping and introduction of poly(A) tails
  • Well-characterized mRNA synthesis and purification processes
  • Scale-up to industrial-scale manufacturing is feasible
  • Sterility and bioburden controls
  • Ready for most downstream applications
  • High-quality services with competitive prices

Synthetic mRNA produced via the IVT method is a platform for next-generation vaccines that has the capacity for rapid and large-scale manufacturing. As one of the leading biotechnology companies, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing professional IVT synthesis of mRNA service. If you have any questions or specific requirements about mRNA synthesis, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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