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As a pioneer and undisputed global leader in the field of mRNA, Creative Biolabs is professional in applying high-quality mRNA kits to satisfy our customers' demands. With over ten years of extensive experience, we can now offer a series of mRNA kits for our global customers, including but not limited to mRNA isolation kit, mRNA purification kit, and ARCA-capped mRNA synthesis kit.

mRNA Isolation Kit

The mRNA isolation kit contains all necessary reagents and enough buffers for the isolation of mRNA from total RNA samples in less than one hour. mRNA isolation kits optimize the isolation of mRNA from different sample sizes or total RNA. The mRNA isolation kit allows for efficient and reproducible isolation of high-purity mRNA and permits the manual processing of multiple samples. It prepares large yields of highly purified mRNA from mammalian cells, tissue, and total RNA. The highly purified mRNA may be used directly in many molecular biology applications, such as RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, northern blotting, northern ELISA, RNase protection assay, and even in vitro translation.

mRNA Purification Kit

mRNA purification kits are designed to isolate intact messenger RNA from cells, tissues, or RNA preparations for downstream applications in the study of gene expression and transcriptome. The mRNA purification kit allows yield pure, high-quality mRNA. For instance, some kits feature all necessary reagents to remove contaminants almost completely, such as genomic DNA, ribosomal RNA, and nucleases. Due to the stringent procedure of mRNA purification, high mRNA purity can be assured for increased reliability and reproducibility in a wide range of downstream applications, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), quantitative real-time PCR, and microarray analysis.

Fig. 1 mRNA structural features of cap and ARCA. (Islam, et al., 2015) Fig. 1 mRNA structural features of cap and ARCA.1

ARCA-capped mRNA Synthesis Kit

Anti-reverse cap analog (ARCA)-capped mRNA synthesis kit includes all the critical reagents for in vitro transcription to generate high yields of high-quality mRNA efficiently. This kit could incorporate an ARCA into the transcript. ARCA is incorporated into mRNA exclusively in the correct orientation, generating capped mRNA that is more efficiently translated. The advantages of the ARCA-capped mRNA synthesis kit are that ultra-high-quality components and ARCA-based capping in correct orientation can ensure the integrity and high translation efficiency of mRNA. mRNAs synthesized with the ARCA-capped mRNA synthesis kit can be used for microinjection, cell transfection, in vitro translation, and RNA vaccines.

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