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IVTScrip™ mRNA-Human AP1M1, (Cap 1, 5-Methoxy-UTP, 30 nt-poly(A))   (CAT#: GTTS-WK20676MR)

This product GTTS-WK20676MR is a type of mRNA having 30 nt poly(A) tail and modified with Cap 1 & 5-Methoxy-UTP. It ecodes the AP1M1 protein. This product can be used in Natural killer T (NKT) cell-related researches.
Product type mRNA
Modified bases 5-Methoxy-UTP
5' Cap Cap 1
Species Human
RefSeq NM_001130524.2
Applications Gene therapy research
Format Powder
Quantity 100 µg
Purification Chromatography
Target Gene
Gene ID 8907
UniProt ID Q9BXS5
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