Distearoyl-Phosphatidyl-Ethanolamine-N-Poly (Ethylene Glycol) 2000 (DSPE-PEG2000)

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Overview of DSPE-PEG2000

1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphoethanolamine-Nmethoxy-poly (ethylene glycol 2000) (DSPE-PEG2000) was amphiphilic polymers that can be formed into core-shell structured nanoparticles by self-assembly with sizes from 10 to 100 nm in an aqueous solution.

Chemical structure of DSPE-PEG2000.Fig.1 Chemical structure of DSPE-PEG2000. (Jiang, 2018)

DSPE-PEG2000 in Drug Delivery

Distearoyl-Phosphatidyl-Ethanolamine-N-Poly (Ethylene Glycol) 2000 (DSPE-PEG2000)

Liposomes, the spherical lipid vesicles with single or multiple lipid bilayers, have been widely used in nanomedicines because of their high biocompatibility, favorable pharmacokinetic profile, feasible surface modification, and long circulation time after being surface modified with PEG as well as the simplicity of the technology. However, it is difficult to prepare liposomes with a size smaller than 50 nm. Nanomicelles, self-assemblies of block copolymers, are promising nanomedicines for targeted drug delivery and imaging. Significantly, nano micelles could be developed to possess a size smaller than 50 nm. As a potential alternative, lipid-based nanomicelles, which are composed of DSPE-PEG2000 nanomicelles are of particular interest, due to their small size (10 nm), favorable penetration, and solubilization toward poorly soluble drugs.

PEG-phospholipid-based micelles have generated significant interest for their sustained delivery of anticancer drugs and excellent biocompatibility. In such micelles, the hydrophobic environment formed by the long fatty acyl chains can accommodate lipophilic drug molecules to efficiently solubilize these poorly water-soluble drugs and restrict the mobility of the incorporated drugs at the same time, leading to a sustained drug release. Furthermore, the PEG moiety on the hydrophilic shell creates a steric hindrance that stabilizes micelles from aggregation, reduces the clearance rate by the reticuloendothelial system (RES), prolongs the circulation time of the drug-loaded micelles.

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