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Creative Biolabs can offer high-quality mRNA delivery services by using Tyloxapol to support our customers. Tyloxapol is a widely used nonionic surfactant oligomer that possesses several repeating units close to Triton X-100.

Chemical Structure

Chemical structure of tyloxapol monomer.Fig. 1 Chemical structure of tyloxapol monomer. (Serikov, 2003)

Tyloxapol Niosomes

Among the numerous effective systems available, supramolecular systems are ponderable tools in the pharmaceutical fields since they can control drug release at a sustained speed. Nonionic surfactant vesicles are promising ways for developing an oral controlled release system. Numerous studies have delineated niosomes formulation from tyloxapol, a common biocompatible surfactant, and showed great potential for an anti-tuberculosis drug delivery system. Moreover, tyloxapol niosome has also been developed as a prospective drug delivery module that was used for drug nevirapine.

Application of Tyloxapol

  • Enhance the Dendrimer-mediated Transfection

Some experiments indicate that the synthetic lung surfactant exosurf has significantly enhanced dendrimer-luciferase plasmid transfection in a wide range of cell lines. Among the components of exosurf, the nonionic surfactant tyloxapol was responsible for the enhancement of dendrimer-mediated gene transfer.

  • Phospholipid Hexadecanol Tyloxapol

Phospholipid hexadecanol tyloxapol is known as an effective absorption enhancer, which can promote recombinant human insulin absorption in vivo. Moreover, phospholipid hexadecanol tyloxapol significantly enhanced the permeation of insulin through cells. The results indicated that these absorption-enhancing agents are expected to be absorption enhancers for peptide and protein drugs delivery.

  • Other Functions of Sodium Oleate

Some solid lipids are being considered as potential drug delivery systems to the advantages of solid matrix particles and colloidal lipid emulsions. Some nonionic surfactants are used to enhance this effect. Tyloxapol is an example of nonionic surfactants.

Creative Biolabs has long-term devoted to offering the most qualified Tyloxapol based mRNA delivery services to help our customers to carry out a series of studies. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


  1. Serikov, V. B.; et al. Tyloxapol Attenuates the Pathologic Effects of Endotoxin in Rabbits and Mortality Following Cecal Ligation and Puncture in Rats by Blockade of Endotoxin Receptor-Ligand Interactions. Inflammation. 2003, 27(4): 175-190.
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